Why is it Hard for a Woman to Lose FAT!

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It is not a secret that men lose fat more successfully then women. To understand why it is that way, you need to know what kind of roles males and females played thousands of years ago. The male body naturally has more muscle. And it takes muscle to burn calories, and you have to burn calories to lose weight. The female body was designed for pregnancy, life giving, and providing food to its offspring.

On average men are 10-15% larger than women, they have weigh 20% more and are about 30% stronger. The males job was to hunt to get food, gathering all kinds of stuff and physical labor. That is why our bodies are also designed differently.

Studies have proven that the difference between men and women are found in the functioning of woman's hormones and the construction and function of her fat cells. Hormones control how our metabolism functions, how fat is stored and so much more.

Because women have less muscle, then they have to work harder to lose fat. A man could be working at 50% of his capacity during physical activity, but a woman would have to be working at 70% of her capacity in order to keep up. So if women have less muscle, that means they have more fat cells. Women[ fat cells are also 5 times more larger than men. Women are programmed to store and hold more fat.

Did you know women have to burn 300 more calories per day during pregnancy and 500 more calories during breast feeding. Thousands of years ago food was not as available as it is right now. So women stored fat for harder time, especially during pregnancy. It is the bodies instinct to store fat. If you combine all the factors, then you can imagine why it is difficult to lose weight.

One other factor that makes weight loss harder is the amount of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, soy isoflavones, certain herbs and petroleum products that are stored in our bodies. Bad eating habits with poor lifestyle are also a big factor. Eating organic and natural foods with proper exercise is essential. But if you really want to lose fat successfully, then diets are not the way to go. Change your lifestyle, throw away bad habits with good habits and you will see and feel the results.

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